1. Interton Move 6 W CIC Hearing: Experience discreet and powerful hearing with Interton Move 6 W Completely-in-Canal (CIC) Hearing aids. Designed to fit snugly inside the ear canal, these devices provide clear and natural sound without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. Whether you’re in a quiet conversation or a noisy environment, Interton Move 6 W CIC ensures that you catch every word with clarity and confidence.

2. Interton Move 661 DRWC RIE: Elevate your hearing experience with Intertons Move 661 Digital Receiver-in-Ear (DRWC RIE) hearing aids. Featuring advanced digital technology and a sleek behind-the-ear design, these devices deliver exceptional sound quality and personalized comfort. With directional microphones and noise reduction capabilities, Intertons Move 661 DRWC RIE adapts to your environment, providing clear speech understanding and immersive listening experiences wherever you go.

3. IntertonsMove 690 DW SP BTE: For unparalleled performance and versatility. Look no further than Intertons Move 690 Dual Wireless Super Power Behind-the-Ear (DW SP BTE) hearing aids. Engineered for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. These devices combine robust amplification with wireless connectivity. Allowing you to stay connected to your favorite devices and enjoy seamless audio streaming. With Intertons Move 690 DW SP BTE. You can experience the full richness of sound and regain control over your hearing.


Intertons Move offers a comprehensive range of hearing solutions to suit every lifestyle and level of hearing loss. Whether you prefer the discreetness of CIC devices or the flexibility of RIE technology. Or the power of BTE amplification, Intertons Move delivers superior performance, comfort, and connectivity. Rediscover the joy of hearing with Intertons Move and embrace a life filled with clarity, confidence, and connection.

Price (in PHP)

Product Type Price (in PHP)
Interton Move 6 W CIC Hearing CIC 115,000.00
Interton Move 661 DRWC RIE RIE 120,000.00
Interton Move 690 DW SP BTE BTE 115,000.00