What is Starkey Hearing Aid?

The screen is extremely thin, making it imperceptible from an external viewpoint. Siemens Vibe Hearing Aids Solutions incorporate advanced technology, benefiting individuals with diverse levels of hearing impairment

Which style of Starkey hearing aid is best?

Modern quality digital Starkey hearing aids are available in various designs, Which can chosen according to a hearing aid user’s preferences and personal design. You can choose a design based on your ear loss.

Completely in Canal Hearing Aid (CIC):  CIC hearing aids are virtually invisible. Which fits into the ear canal, providing a seamless and comfortable in-ear listening experience. This hearing aid style is designed to be inserted deep into the ear canal, making it virtually invisible from the outside. Its compact design enables natural sounds to pass through seamlessly.

In-The-Canal Hearing Aid (ITC): In-the-canal (ITC) hearing aids support discreet and effective hearing enhancement. Its sleek design enables placement inside the ear canal. While in-the-canal hearing aids are somewhat larger, some parts may still be visible from the outside. It works very effectively, maintaining its performance even at minimum external noise frequencies.

In-The-Ear Hearing Aids (ITE): Discreet In-The-Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids An out-of-the-ear hearing aid, this device also features the use of a microphone, telecoil, and wireless streaming. This sleek device fits snugly in the ear and helps to hear clear and natural sounds.

Receiver in The Canal Hearing Aid (RIC): A Receiver in the Canal (RIC) Hearing Aid is a modern and discreet hearing aid. It consists of a small casing behind the ear that houses the electronics and a thin wire that carries the receiver that sits in the ear canal.

Behind The Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)

Behind the hearing aid is an ear-shaped device that transmits sound from the outer receiver to the inner ear. The device features an ultra-thin screen that seamlessly attaches to the ear and connects perfectly for enhanced usability and discreet wear.

The screen is extremely thin, making it imperceptible from an external viewpoint. BTI hearing aids actively capture low-frequency sounds, enhancing the listening experience. They utilize special technology to deliver clear and precise auditory experiences, improving hearing in diverse environments.

What other benefits are available?

Radio: You can enjoy the convenience of its radio through radio technology and savor the experience.

WiFi, Bluetooth, and Streaming: By linking to the network, you can listen to a variety of content.

Rechargeable Battery: Rechargeable hearing aids have an integrated battery, which eliminates the need for frequent removal. When the battery runs out, users can seamlessly continue using it. The device is without interruption by simply recharging it.

Noise Reduction: Noise Reduction Starkey hearing aids are carefully designed to effectively filter out background noise. Its design is optimized to detect and minimize ambient noise, enhancing the listening experience.

What factors should be taken into account before purchasing a hearing aid?

  1. If you want to buy hearing aids, you should first consult an audiologist.
  2. The type of hearing aid you purchase should be based on your personal needs and preferences.
  3. When purchasing a hearing aid, one should select a hearing aid with a certain number of channels keeping in mind possible future needs.
  4. Consider whether the hearing aid you use regularly is comfortable enough for you.
  5. Since your hearing aids require constant use, you need to consider the quality of the device when selecting a particular hearing aid.
  6. Depending on the hearing aid you use. Consider how many hours the hearing aid remains active on battery backup once charged.
  7. You need to purchase a hearing aid based on your needs, considering features like noise filtering. Smartphone connectivity, rechargeable battery, and more.

How much is the price of Starkey Hearing Aid in Bangladesh?

The Price of Starkey hearing aids in Bangladesh varies depending on factors such as type, model, number of channels, technology, and features. Starkey Hearing aid price in Bangladesh is at least 10,000/- taka which is a 4-channel BTE hearing aid.

Additionally, acquiring a 10-channel hearing aid will cost a minimum of 20,000/- taka. Conversely, opting for a premium hearing aid equipped with advanced technology will cost upwards of 40,000/- taka.

Starkey Hearing Aid Price List in Bangladesh (December) 2023

Serial No : Starkey Hearing Aid Price (BDT)
1 Starkey Muse iQ i1000 BTE Power Plus Hearing Aid 20,000
2 Starkey Muse iQ i1000 BTE P Hearing Aid 22,000
3 Starkey Muse iQ i1200 BTE Power Plus Hearing Aid 28,000
4 Starkey Picasso 1200 ITE Non-Wireless Hearing Aid 30,000
5 Starkey Picasso i1000 ITE (Per Unit) Hearing Aid 45,000
6 Starkey Muse iQ i1600 BTE PowerPlus Hearing Aid 60,000
7 Starkey Muse iQ i2000 BTE Power Plus Hearing Aid 1,00,000
8 Starkey Picasso 2000 IIC Non-Wireless Hearing Aid 1,15,000
9 Starkey Muse iQ i2400 BTE Power Plus Hearing Aid 1,60,000
10 Starkey Picasso 2000 ITE Non-Wireless (Per Unit) Hearing Aid 2,30,000