Starkey Picasso 2000 IIC Non-Wireless

৳ 115,000.00

Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Picasso 2000 IIC Non-Wireless Hearing Aid 1,15,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Introducing the Starkey Picasso 2000 IICNon-Wireless Hearing Aid, a slice-edge result designed to empower individualities in Bangladesh with unequaled audile gests. Priced at/- taka, this advanced hail aid represents the zenith of technological invention in the realm of hail backing. The Picasso 2000 IIC, or unnoticeable-in-conduit, is a discreet and compact device that seamlessly fits inside the observance conduit, rendering it nearly unnoticeable to the naked eye. drafted with perfection and fineness, this hail aid provides not only optimal functionality but also a satiny and subtle aesthetic, icing druggies can embrace their enhanced hail discreetly and confidently.

Equipped with state-of-the-art wireless technology,

the Picasso 2000 IIC offers a dependable and effective result for those seeking a flawless audile experience without the complications of wireless connectivity. The device is strictly finagled to deliver demitasse-clear sound quality, landing indeed the subtlest nuances of speech and environmental sounds. Designed with stoner comfort in mind, the Picasso 2000 IIC boasts a comfortable and ergonomic fit,

allowing druggies to wear it for extended ages without discomfort.

Starkey Picasso 2000 IIC Non-Wireless Hearing Aid. Its advanced features include adaptive noise reduction and feedback cancellation, icing a focused and natural hail experience in colorful surroundings. This hail aid isn’t simply a device;

it’s a gateway to a world of sound that may have been preliminarily fugitive. Whether in bustling civic settings, serene pastoral geographies, or the comfort of one’s home,

the Picasso 2000 IIC adapts to the surroundings,

furnishing druggies with an acclimatized audile experience that enhances their overall quality of life.

Invest in your hair health with the Starkey Picasso 2000 IICNon-Wireless Hearing Aid, and rediscover the joy of clear and immersive sound. Priced at/- taka,

this technological phenomenon is now available to empower individuals in Bangladesh on their trip to a richer audile life.

Additional information




Extended 10 kHz

Operating System

Acuity OS 2

900 MHz Wireless Technology

900 sync

Wireless Streaming

Pristine Audio Streaming

Speech Compression

Acuity Apeech Optimization





Fitting Range

0 – 100 dB


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