Widex hearing aid

Experience the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and exceptional performance. And affordability with Widex Enjoy Hearing Aids. Designed to meet the diverse needs of individuals with hearing loss. These devices offer unparalleled clarity, comfort, and customization. widex hearing aid price in Bangladesh Let’s explore the features and benefits of each model:

Widex Enjoy 100 Hearing Aids – BDT 60,000.00

The Widex Enjoy 100 Hearing Aids are crafted to deliver premium sound quality and comfort. With advanced digital technology. These devices offer superior speech clarity and natural sound reproduction. Featuring a sleek and discreet design. Widex Enjoy 100 ensures maximum comfort and aesthetics while providing effortless hearing experiences. Whether in quiet environments or noisy settings. Users can rely on Widex Enjoy 100 to enhance their auditory perception with precision and clarity.

Widex Enjoy 30 Hearing Aids – BDT 35,000.00

Designed for those seeking reliable and affordable hearing solutions. The Widex Enjoy 30 Hearing Aids offers impressive performance at an accessible price point. Despite their affordability, these devices do not compromise on quality or functionality. With features such as noise reduction and feedback cancellation. Widex Enjoy 30 ensures clear and comfortable listening experiences in various environments. Plus, its discreet design makes it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a seamless and unobtrusive hearing aid solution.

 Widex Enjoy 50 Hearing Aid – BDT 42,000.00

The Widex Enjoy 50 Hearing Aid strikes the perfect balance between performance and value. With its advanced technology and ergonomic design, this device provides excellent sound quality and comfort. Whether watching TV, engaging in conversations, or enjoying music, users can rely on Widex Enjoy 50 to deliver clear and natural sound without distortion or discomfort. Plus, its intuitive controls and customizable settings allow users to personalize their hearing experience according to their preferences.

Widex Menu Super Power Hearing – BDT 90,000.00

For individuals with severe to profound hearing loss, the Widex Menu Super Power Hearing offers unmatched amplification and clarity. Engineered to provide maximum power without compromising on sound quality, this device ensures clear and intelligible speech even in challenging listening situations. With its robust construction and advanced features, Widex Menu Super Power Hearing empowers users to stay connected and engaged with the world around them.

widex hearing aid price in Bangladesh. With Widex Enjoy Hearing Aids, superior hearing solutions are within reach for individuals of all budgets and lifestyles. Whether you choose the premium performance of the Enjoy 100, the affordability of the Enjoy 30, or the balanced functionality of the Enjoy 50, you can trust Widex to deliver exceptional sound quality, comfort, and reliability. Plus, with the Widex Menu Super Power Hearing, those with severe hearing loss can experience the same level of clarity and convenience. Invest in your hearing health today with Widex Enjoy Hearing Aids and enjoy a life filled with clearer, more vibrant sound.

Widex Model Price (BDT)
Enjoy 100 Hearing Aids 60,000.00
Enjoy 30 Hearing Aids 35,000.00
Enjoy 50 Hearing Aid 42,000.00
Menu Super Power Hearing 90,000.00