Starkey Livio 1600 RIC R Hearing

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Starkey Livio 1600 RIC R Hearing Aid Price 1,55,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Presenting the Starkey Livio 1600 RIC R Hearing Aid, a state-of-the-art hearing aid that blends elegant form and advanced technology. This elegant Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing aid is. Priced a just 1,55,000/-taka in Bangladesh. It is expertly built too. Provide an outstanding hearing experience.

The Livio 1600 RIC R’s dedication to innovation in hearing treatment is at its foundation. With its well-crafted design, this gadget effortlessly incorporates cutting-edge functionalities to offer users a realistic and captivating soundscape. In addition to providing excellent performance, the RIC design fits comfortably, making it suitable for those with different levels of hearing loss.

The Livio 1600 RIC R stands out thanks to its adaptive technology, which dynamically adapts to various settings for the best possible sound quality. In conversations, music enjoyment, or scenic moments, this hearing aid guarantees filling every second with a clear, bright sound.

In the digital age, connectivity is crucial, and the Livio 1600 RIC R shines in this area. Wearers may stream music, phone calls, and other content straight to their hearing aids with ease thanks to its seamless pairing with smartphones and other compatible devices. Accept the ease of maintaining a wireless connection to the internet without sacrificing privacy.

Comfort comes first, The RIC design ensures simple modification and a low profile. Easy-to-use controls enable users to customize their aural experience,

Reasonably priced at 1,55,000/- taka in Bangladesh, the Livio 1600 RIC R represents an investment in your auditory health rather than just a hearing aid. This product demonstrates how committed Starkey is to providing high-end hearing solutions that prioritize comfort, quality, and performance. Order your Starkey Livio 1600 RIC R Hearing Aid today to experience a life enhanced by the beauty of sound and rediscover the joy of crisp,

bright sound.

Additional information

Livio 1600 Feature 1

Direct Streaming from iOS & Android phones ++

Livio 1600 Feature 2

Remote Programming

Livio 1600 Feature 3

Compatible with Thrive Hearing Control App – Reminders

Livio 1600 Feature 4

Compatible with 2.4 GHz Accessories

Livio 1600 Feature 5

Bandwidth upto 10KHz

Livio 1600 Feature 6

Select Hearing Reality Sound Enhancement

Livio 1600 Feature 7

Select Adaptive Directionality

Livio 1600 Feature 8

Select Ear to Ear Noise Management

Livio 1600 Feature 9

Select Music Enhancement

Livio 1600 Feature 10

Feedback Cancellation

Livio 1600 Feature 11

Frequency Lowering

Livio 1600 Feature 12

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology with 16 Channels

Livio 1600 Feature 13

Tonal and Voice Indicators

Livio 1600 Feature 14

Synchronized Ear to Ear Adjustments

Livio 1600 Feature 15

CROS / BiCROS System

Livio 1600 Feature 16

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