Starkey Livio 2000 BTE R Hearing

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Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Livio 2000 BTE R Hearing Aid Price 2,55,000/- taka in Bangladesh

The Starkey Livio 2000 BTE R Hearing Aid stands at the van of invention, reconsidering the audile experience for druggies with its advanced features and slice-edge technology. Designed as a Before-observance ( BTE) device, it combines comfort and functionality seamlessly. The Livio 2000 boasts state-of-the-art sound processing capabilities, icing a superior listening experience in different surroundings. Its robust design not only enhances continuity but also provides a discreet and comfortable fit. With the objectification of artificial intelligence, this hail aid adapts intelligently to varying soundscapes, automatically conforming settings to optimize clarity and minimize background noise.

Connectivity is a hallmark of the Livio 2000, as it seamlessly integrates with smartphones and other compatible biases. druggies can enjoy hands-free phone calls, sluice music,

or share in virtual meetings with demitasse-clear sound. The device’s rechargeable point adds a subcaste of convenience, barring the hassle of constantly changing batteries. also,

the hail aid comes equipped with a comprehensive mobile app, allowing druggies to epitomize settings,

examiner battery life, and access fresh features.

The Starkey Livio 2000 BTE R Hearing Aid stands out due to its dedication to improving its users’ general quality of life in addition to treating hearing loss. Whether cruising through a busy metropolis or taking in the peace of the outdoors,

this state-of-the-art gadget enables people to completely

experience each moment. It provides an impeccable listening experience and fits perfectly with the needs of modern living, giving each user a rich and engaging audio experience. Experience vivid, clear music that improves your hearing with the Starkey Livio 2000 BTE R. Set off on a voyage of aural perfection. This state-of-the-art gadget makes sure you never miss a moment of clarity by bringing the world of music to life. Get lost in a more vivid audio environment, whether you’re in a busy city or peaceful countryside. Upgrade your hearing by selecting the Starkey Livio 2000 BTE R for a rich,

colorful sound that will fill your life.

Additional information

Livio 2000 Feature 1

Direct Streaming from iOS & Android Phones++

Livio 2000 Feature 2

Remote Programming

Livio 2000 Feature 3

Compatible with Thrive Hearing Control App – Reminders

Livio 2000 Feature 4

Compatible with 2.4 GHz Accessories

Livio 2000 Feature 5

Bandwidth upto 10KHz

Livio 2000 Feature 6

Advanced Hearing Reality Sound Enhancement

Livio 2000 Feature 7

Advanced Adaptive Directionality

Livio 2000 Feature 8

Advanced Ear to Ear Noise Management

Livio 2000 Feature 9

Advanced Music Enhancement

Livio 2000 Feature 10

Feedback Cancellation

Livio 2000 Feature 11

Frequency Lowering

Livio 2000 Feature 12

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology with 16 Channels

Livio 2000 Feature 13

Tonal and Voice Indicators

Livio 2000 Feature 14

Synchronized Ear to Ear Adjustment

Livio 2000 Feature 15

CROS / BiCROS System

Livio 2000 Feature 16

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