Starkey Livio 1000a mRIC Hearing

৳ 36,000.00

Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Livio 1000a mRIC Hearing Aid Price 36,000/- taka in Bangladesh

The Starkey Livio 1000a mRIC hearing aid has become a beacon of technological advancement in hearing aid solutions and its price tag of Tk 36,000 in Bangladesh underlines the top quality promised. Livio 1000a mRIC is a pioneer in the market with cutting-edge features and aims to provide an unparalleled listening experience.

With its slim, discreet design, this hearing aid combines beauty and functionality to meet the diverse needs of people seeking discreet and powerful solutions to their hearing problems.

The price tag of Tk 36,000 makes it an investment in improved hearing comfort and reflects advanced

technology integrated into a compact form factor. From state-of-the-art noise reduction features to seamless connectivity with the latest devices,

the Livio 1000a mRIC provides

a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to enrich their lifestyles by not only improving their hearing but also communicating effortlessly.

The Livio 1000a mRIC hearing aid is a symbol of accessibility in addition to satisfying Bangladesh’s

growing need for cutting-edge auditory solutions. Its state-of-the-art technology guarantees excellent sound quality, changing the game for those who have hearing loss. The Livio 1000a is an aesthetically beautiful accessory that doubles as a functional device because of its sleek and modern design. In a nation with a wide range of auditory issues,

its adaptability in meeting various hearing needs sets it apart from the competition. For individuals looking for cutting-edge hearing solutions in Bangladesh,

the Livio 1000a is essential because it meets accessibility needs.

offering users the best hearing experience to suit their diverse lifestyles. With a commitment to innovation and inclusivity, Starkey is setting a new standard with her Livio 1000a mRIC, making advanced hearing technology more accessible to those who value the precious gift of clear,

vivid sound.

Additional information

Livio 1000a Feature 1

Bandwidth upto 8KHz

Livio 1000a Feature 2

Basic Hearing Reality Sound Enhancement

Livio 1000a Feature 3

Dynamic Directionality

Livio 1000a Feature 4

Feedback Cancellation

Livio 1000a Feature 5

Frequency Lowering

Livio 1000a Feature 6

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology with 13 Channels

Livio 1000a Feature 7

Tonal and Voice Indicators

Livio 1000 Feature 8

Feedback Cancellation

Livio 1000a Feature 9

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