Omnia 9 ITC Rechargeable 17

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ReSound OMNIA 9 ITC is a custom in-the-ear hearing aid, part of ReSound’s OMNIA product family, and it follows the ReSound ONE / Custom Made by ReSound. The technology integrated into this hearing aid aligns with the innovation seen in other ReSound OMNIA hearing aids, promising an exceptional auditory experience.

About ReSound

Since 1943, ReSound has been dedicated to enhancing people’s hearing experiences through innovative solutions. These solutions have enriched lives, enabling greater activity and fulfillment. Over the years, ReSound has introduced numerous hearing aids, which can be customized and shipped based on an individual’s audiogram.

What Sets the ReSound OMNIA 9 ITC Hearing Aid Apart?

The ReSound OMNIA hearing aid offers more than just groundbreaking speech intelligibility. It includes several advantages, such as Bluetooth connectivity, compatibility with both Apple and Android devices, and the introduction of new features in the ReSound Smart 3D App. One of the latest features is “Check My Fit,” which helps ensure the correct placement of your ReSound OMNIA hearing aid.

Why Choose the ReSound OMNIA 9 ITC Hearing Aids?

These are the key features of the ReSound OMNIA 9 ITC hearing aids:
– The smallest RIC hearing aid by ReSound
– A remarkable 150% improvement in speech comprehension
– A natural perception of one’s voice
– Fully weatherproof with an IP68 certification
– Rechargeable for added convenience
– Complete connectivity with instant streaming and hands-free functionality for Apple devices
– Long-lasting battery life, up to 30 hours without streaming or 20 hours with streaming
– Offers a natural sound experience
– Enables clear sound perception through noise, natural voice perception, 360-degree speech understanding, quick program switching with automatic environment adjustment, and optimal conversations in all situations

Feels Natural

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are designed to adapt to your specific needs and listening environments, ensuring optimal comfort. The Check My Fit function within the accompanying ReSound Smart 3D app helps you use your ReSound OMNIA hearing aids to their full potential. Moreover, these hearing aids are completely weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about accidental exposure to water, such as in the shower.

Connects Seamlessly

The ReSound OMNIA hearing aids come equipped with Bluetooth technology and are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. You can effortlessly stream audio directly from your phone, tablet, or TV to your hearing aids. This direct streaming capability makes your hearing aids function as wireless headsets.

If the ReSound OMNIA 9 ITC hearing aid has piqued your interest and you’d like to try this rechargeable hearing aid. You can order it directly online or get in touch with us. If you’re uncertain about which hearing aid suits you best, take our online hearing test at your convenience, right from your computer. This eliminates the need to leave your home, providing flexibility and ease.

For any questions about our service, please refer to our frequently asked questions and terms and conditions. If your query remains unanswered. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, as we’re here to assist you.


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