ReSound Key Wireless CIC Key

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Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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ReSound Key Wireless CIC Key 4

ReSound Key Wireless CIC Key 4- Every individual deserves the gift of clear hearing.  It rejuvenates your sensory experience, allowing you to reconnect with the world’s rich tapestry of sounds. Rooted in ReSound’s organic hearing philosophy, these hearing aids faithfully replicate the natural listening experience, enhancing speech intelligibility and sound localization effortlessly and comfortably. This newfound confidence empowers you to embrace your daily adventures, from the melodious notes of birdsong to the infectious laughter of children.


Seamless Mobile Connectivity With ReSound Key, you enjoy a seamless, direct connection to your mobile device, guaranteeing pristine, full, and detailed audio. Whether you’re making calls hands-free, indulging in music, or immersing yourself in video streaming, this hearing aid ensures an impeccable connection. This feature is available to iPhone users or Android 10.0 users with Bluetooth 5.0. If you don’t meet these criteria, you can still access these advantages through ReSound’s compact Phone Clip + accessory, facilitating effortless communication with others.

Remote Adjustments Anytime, Anywhere Whether you’re at home, in the office, or on vacation. The ReSound Assist Live service lets you communicate with your audiologist via. The ReSound Smart 3D app for real-time programming adjustments and hearing aid updates. These adjustments can be made via video call, or you can simply request assistance and receive prompt programming updates. With ReSound Key, teleradiology adapts seamlessly to your lifestyle, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

A World of Accessories at Your Fingertips ReSound offers an extensive range of accessories to enhance your hearing aid experience. If you lack an iPhone or an Android 10.0 mobile device with Bluetooth 5.0. The Phone Clip + accessory allows direct mobile phone connectivity for calls and streaming. The TV Streamer 2 provides direct audio from your television or any device with a headphone output. Micro Mic and Multi Mic microphones help you understand conversations in challenging environments. Additionally, discreet control of various hearing aid functions is possible with the Mini Remote or Remote Control 2. ReSound Key transcends the traditional concept of hearing aids.


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