Starkey Picasso 1000 ITE Non-Wireless

৳ 20,000.00

Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Picasso 1000 ITE Non-Wireless Hearing Aid Price 20,000/- taka in Bangladesh


Introducing the Starkey Picasso 1000 ITENon-Wireless Hearing Aid, a slice-edge device designed to bring unequaled clarity and comfort to individuals passing hail challenges. Priced at 20,000/- taka in Bangladesh, this advanced hail aid from Starkey combines state-of-the-art technology with a satiny, in-the-observance ( ITE) design for a discreet and effective result.

The Picasso 1000 boasts an array of features drafted to enhance the overall audio experience. With its non-wireless functionality, it offers a dependable and straightforward result without the need for complex connectivity setups. This makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a stoner-friendly device that prioritizes simplicity without compromising on performance. Starkey Picasso 1000 ITE Non-Wireless Hearing Aid

The ITE design ensures a snug fit within the observance, furnishing a comfortable and invisible wearing experience. The compact size does. Not immolate power, as the Picasso 1000 is equipped with. Advanced sound processing technology. Whether in quiet surroundings or bulging crowds,

druggies can anticipate clear and natural sound reduplication, allowing them to engage confidently in exchanges and enjoy the uproariousness of their surroundings.

Designed with stoner convenience in mind,

the Starkey Picasso 1000 features controls strategically placed for easy adaptations, empowering users to customize their listening experience on the go. Crafting the device with continuity in mind enhances its life and trustability for diurnal use.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the hail aid comes with a swish aesthetic, blending seamlessly with the stoner’s appearance. The discreet profile allows individuals to embrace the benefits of advanced hail without drawing gratuitous attention.

For those navigating the challenges of hair loss, the Starkey Picasso 1000 ITENon-Wireless Hearing Aid stands as a dependable and sophisticated result, combining advanced technology, comfort, and style at an accessible price point of 20,000/- taka in Bangladesh. Elevate your audience experience with Starkey’s commitment to invention and quality.

Additional information




Extended 10 kHz

Operating System

Acuity OS 2

900 MHz Wireless Technology

900 sync

Wireless Streaming

Pristine Audio Streaming

Speech Compression

Acuity Apeech Optimization





Fitting Range

0 – 110 dB


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