Starkey Table Microphone

৳ 38,000.00

Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Table Microphone Price 38,000/- taka in Bangladesh

Presenting the Starkey Table Microphone, a potent audio device designed to transform your perception of hearing. This smart device, which costs an appealing 38,000/-taka in Bangladesh, improves clarity and engagement in a variety of settings so you never miss a minute of rich music. Users can enjoy group settings like family gatherings or noisy restaurants. Eight built-in microphones detect the primary speaker’s voice and stream it to their 2.4 Ghz Hearing Aids.

Designed to be the focal point of your aural universe,

the Starkey Table Microphone seamlessly amplifies voices and captures the spirit of every discussion. It is the perfect accessory for meetings, family get-togethers, or business settings because of its elegant and understated appearance, which blends in with any atmosphere.

With the Table Microphone’s seamless integration with your Starkey hearing aids,

you may enjoy the freedom of dynamic communication and a direct stream of focused, clear sound. With the help of this gadget,

you may confidently and actively participate in discussions without having to suffer through the frustration of straining to hear in busy surroundings.

The Starkey Table Microphone prioritizes ease of use. You can easily customize your listening experience to fit your preferences thanks to its easy setup and intuitive settings. You can focus on particular speakers, change the volume, and take advantage of this device’s adaptability as it becomes

tailored to meet your personal hearing needs.

The Starkey Table Microphone is a versatile and innovative device that provides outstanding sound quality and adaptability to a range of situations. This microphone is a dependable friend that will keep you in touch

In bustling meetings, family meals, or any setting, the Starkey Table Microphone excels. Starkey’s commitment to quality is evident in its durability and reliability.


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