Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC

৳ 43,400.00

Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC Media 2 Price 43,400/- taka in Bangladesh

  1. Streams stereo sound directly from TV to 900 SYNC wireless hearing aids without body-worn relay devices.
  2. Includes adjustable range and volume control.
  3. Enables multiple people wearing 900 SYNC Hearing aids to connect to a single accessory.
  4. Eleminates audio delay and lip sync issues commonly.

For consumers who wear the 900 SYNC wireless hearing aids. The innovative Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC Media 2 is a must-have device that improves their auditory experience. This gadget, costs 43,400 takas in Bangladesh. Has several capabilities that greatly enhance how users engage with media and entertainment systems.

The Surflink-900 SYNC Media 2’s unique feature is its ability to broadcast stereo sound straight to compatible 900 SYNC wireless hearing aids from a TV. This makes listening seamless and hassle-free by doing away with the necessity for bulky body-worn relay devices. Users can experience improved clarity and comfort when watching TV shows, and movies, and listening to music by eliminating intermediary devices.

Additionally, the Surflink-900 SYNC Media 2 has adjustable volume and range control, enabling users to tailor their listening experience to suit their own tastes and hearing requirements. With this degree of adaptability, users may maximize their pleasure from a variety of audio content by finding the ideal balance between amplification and clarity.

To promote inclusivity in shared places, the Surflink-900 SYNC Media 2 enables many users with 900 SYNC hearing aids to connect to one accessory. It ensures synced audio and visual material for a more immersive experience by removing lip-sync and audio latency. This feature makes things more enjoyable and accessible for people who have hearing loss.


All things considered, the Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC Media 2 is a noteworthy development in the field of hearing aid technology. Providing a variety of functions intended to improve the auditory experience for those who are hard of hearing. This gadget offers an adaptable and user-friendly way to experience movies and entertainment with clarity. And comfort thanks to its smooth streaming capabilities, configurable settings, and support for multiple users.


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