Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC

৳ 31,500.00

Mizan Ahmed

Mizan Ahmed

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Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC Mini Mobile Price 31,500/- taka in Bangladesh

  1. Enjoy one-on-one convirsations is noisy environments with the easy-to-use Remote Microphone option.
  2. Small and simple cell phone streaming solution.
  3. Connects to any Bluetooth ready mobile phone, laptop, etc to stream audio.

In noisy circumstances, the Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC Mini Mobile proves to be a valuable companion for those looking for improved communication capabilities. This device, which costs about 31,500/-taka in Bangladesh, is a cost-effective alternative for people who have trouble having one-on-one conversations in less than optimal acoustic circumstances.

The user-friendly Remote Microphone feature of the SYNC Mini Mobile is at the core of its functioning; it allows users to carry on uninterrupted and clear conversations even when there is background noise. This is especially helpful for people who have trouble hearing or for people who have to navigate noisy areas where background noise can be quite distracting.

In addition to serving as a little cell phone streaming solution, the SYNC Mini Mobile is a portable remote microphone that guarantees smooth communication without the need for cumbersome add-ons. Its compact design makes it portable and offers customers a dependable and effective Bluetooth connection to computers, cell phones, and other compatible devices. Users may keep in touch and have meaningful conversations even in noisy surroundings thanks to its adaptability in a variety of contexts, from packed cafes to boisterous gatherings.

All things considered, the Starkey Surflink-900 SYNC Mini Mobile, which costs 31,500/-taka in Bangladesh, is a respectable option for people looking for an easy-to-use way to improve communication in difficult-to-audit circumstances. For those who value having uninterrupted and clear discussions in their daily lives, this device stands out for its smooth audio streaming capabilities and remote microphone feature.


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